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Educational Resources

Do you struggle with teaching your jazz band how to read chord changes and improvise? Click the links below for Shawn Goodman's Jazz resources.

Teaching Students How to Play the Changes

Jazz Improvisation Steps Powerpoint

ii V7 I Handout for Students

Improvising Jazz Made Easy Handout for Students

Blues Worksheet for Students

Playin' Changes: A Step-by-Step Method for Teaching Jazz Improvisation

Does your clarinet section need help? Click the links below for Shawn's clarinet resources.


Bumble-Bee Exercise (Articulations)

PACCTT (Embouchure/Tone)

How to Play High Stuff (Altissimo)


Pitch-Bending / Glissando

Fixing Your Reeds


Shawn Goodman presents clarinet and jazz workshops regularly to educators and students at music educator conferences, high schools, middle schools, and universities as a Yamaha Performing Artist and Vandoren Artist Clinician. To inquire about bringing Shawn in to work with your students, click here.