SYO Summer Music Programs

The SYO Summer Music Programs (formerly Symphonic Youth Orchestra of Greater Indianapolis) is a non-pr a non-profit organization founded in 2008 by Shawn Goodman. The SYO exists to provide unique and necessary music and arts education opportunities to talented youth from more than 30 schools throughout the Greater Indianapolis area. The program encourages life-long learning by presenting free educational concerts throughout Indianapolis, and provides students with a healthy, safe learning environment in which to grow musically, culturally, mentally, and socially. 


The SYO symphony orchestra is uniquely different from other youth orchestras in that it often features a saxophone section, banjo, and other instruments that are not usually considered “orchestral”.

SYO now offers various summer programs, including symphony orchestra, jazz ensemble, chamber ensembles, handbell choir, and adaptive percussion ensemble.  For more information about SYO please visit

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